Improving Your Posture

Tips On Being A Model Physical Therapy Patient

When you're dealing with an injury or regaining your strength and mobility after surgery, you may almost consider your local physical therapy clinic to be a second home. Multiple appointments each week can mean that physical therapy has suddenly become a key part of your life. Building a stronger you is partly dependent upon building a strong relationship with your therapist. Your individual sessions can seemingly fly past, so it's a good idea to do all that you can to be an exemplary patient. Here are some tips to help you achieve this goal.

Do Your Homework

The progress you'll make through physical therapy doesn't just occur in the clinic. You'll learn a variety of exercises that you'll need to practice at home. Failing to do so means that you won't make the expected progress between sessions, which can be frustrating for you and your therapist. Making sure that you have a clear understanding of the work you need to do at home, as well as any printed diagrams that can help your effort, will allow you to get through your home-based exercises to keep your progress on track. If you're ever unclear about a specific exercise, make sure to ask about it before you leave the clinic, as doing so will allow you to perform it correctly at home.

Visit With A Family Member

Occasionally, you'll need a partner for some of your home-based exercises. At the clinic, your physical therapist will play the role of partner, perhaps supporting one of your limbs or pushing to provide a little resistance for you. By encouraging the family member who will be helping you with your exercises to attend your physical therapy appointments, you're showing that you're really serious about the healing process. It can be difficult to teach a family member what role he or she has to play, but attending together means that your therapist will take care of this duty.

Heed The Lifestyle Suggestions

Physical therapists will also provide their patients with suggested lifestyle changes to go along with their exercises. It's important to take these to heart, as they're often integral with the healing process. For example, if your therapist advocates walking daily or changing your diet to lose weight and thus reduce stress to your joints, it's important to make these goals a priority. The more you show your physical therapist that you have a hire desire to be a model patient, the more he or she will be extra energized about your appointments.

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