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Five TV Characters That Desperately Need A Chiropractor

To help deliver a full season full of plots, twists, and cliffhangers, many of your beloved television characters go through more trauma than you realize. After witnessing the on-screen carnage, it's obvious that the following five TV characters need to see a chiropractor, like one at Chiropractor Plus, to heal ailing back and muscle problems.

Homer Simpson - "The Simpsons"

Homer Simpson has gone through 25 seasons of life in the small town of Springfield. During this time, Homer has been hit by cars, fallen off cliffs, and been in numerous fights. He has even recognized the problems with his own back in the season 12 episode "Pokey Mom."

Instead of seeing a professional chiropractor, Homer healed his own back problems with a dented trashcan. Like most of Homer's ideas, the trash can eventually failed and his back problems returned. Along with the back damages, Homer's obesity can have an impact on lower back problems. A chiropractor can help heal the lower back and teach Homer some couch exercises to ease up on the pain.

Oliver Queen - "Arrow"

Saving the city and running a billion dollar company is a lot of work, but Oliver Queen definitely needs some professional help to help and improve his back. When dressed up as the Arrow, Queen deals with hand-to-hand combat, rooftop runs, and multiple bullet wounds.

During the end of season 2, he even had a cement wall fall directly on his spine. To help ease the pain, a chiropractor would perform specific maneuvers, encourage massage therapy, and probably have Queen take a few weeks off for bed rest.

John Cena - "WWE Raw"

Being a professional wrestler means that you are constantly putting your body on the line for a live audience. WWE Superstar John Cena has been wrestling nearly non-stop for more than 10 years and that has to have put a toll on his back. Some of the worst damage may have taken place at the 2014 Summerslam.

In a main event match against Brock Lesnar, Cena was the victim of sixteen German suplex maneuvers. This means that Cena was slammed on his spine and neck sixteen times in a row. After a beating like that, a professional would probably work on any herniated discs, the neck area, and other aches in the spine.

Tyrion Lannister - "Game of Thrones"

Dealing with dwarfism already comes with it's own limitations. The royal leader Tyrion from "Game of Thrones" not only has to deal with his physical limitations, but he lives in a time much different than ours. Back pain is increased with brutally cold nights, horse riding, and carrying heavy swords.

A chiropractor may not be available in Westeros, but some other type of doctor can help heal his pain through the use of massage and medicines.

Richard Hendricks - "Silicon Valley"

It's not only physical actions that can cause back and neck problems. Improper posture can lead to multiple spine problems, neck problems, and circulation issues. That's exactly the type of pains that Richard Hendricks could go through on the HBO comedy "Silicon Valley." As Hendricks develops software he can spend hours at a computer, on a tablet, or in a conference call with other tech programmers. All of that time in an improper posture can cause long term damage without the help of a professional.

Luckily, there are many products certified by chiropractors for use on a computer. This includes computer chairs, keyboards, and wrist supports for the mouse. Hopefully the show implements some of these products so viewers do not have to worry about the back problems that Hendricks and his colleagues could deal with.

While a majority of these characters will likely not have a chiropractor scene on the air, lets all assume that it still takes place for the proper health of our favorite TV show characters.